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Sonata Dusk :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 19 1 Flash Sentry :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 7 1 Aria Blaze :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 10 0 Judy Hopps :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 11 1 Angel Wings :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 10 0 Thorax :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 8 0 Baby AJ :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 8 2 Friends are always there for you completed! :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 17 6 Twist :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 10 2 ILoveKPAlot OC :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 14 1 Nora Mermaid's OC :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 4 2 10 CC and Number 200 Apple Bloom :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 15 1 Dragonlord Ember :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 40 7 Princess Twilight Sparkle :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 16 3 Pinkie Pie :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 17 1 Muffins :iconspikefiremane:SpikeFiremane 14 0


???/Blue Baby :iconplanetplush:PlanetPlush 163 4 Brony Fandom Tribute Pocket Watch :iconsilverslinger:SilverSlinger 262 95 Isaac 2.0 :iconplanetplush:PlanetPlush 359 34 BronyCon Art - Announcing Ashleigh Ball - Unused :iconnanook123:nanook123 89 4 Bulkamania :iconlatecustomer:LateCustomer 2,285 394 Handmade boxes for bronycon :iconbunnimation:bunnimation 57 33 EFNW Charity Quilt :iconwhiteheather:WhiteHeather 302 160 King Sombra's Portrait :iconziom05:Ziom05 506 60 Commission : Applejack Bust :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 1,488 0
Care and Cleaning of Your Jewelry
Here are some cleaning instructions for any of my hand crafted goods made from sterling silver, gold, copper, or brass.
The best way to clean fingerprints, smudges, and other minor surface grime off your jewelry and gemstones is with a soft, lint-free cloth like someone would use to clean their glasses. This is the safest, easiest way to clean your jewelry.
If you've got a quite a bit of dirt or grime on your jewelry, the best way to clean it yourself is with a soft toothbrush and dawn dish soap under running water. Be sure to plug your sink!!! Do not use toothpaste as a cleaning agent! Toothpaste is a mild abrasive and will put scratches on any metal surfaces! When you're done, damp it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Over time, when wearing your jewelry, the finish will get scratched up a bit. It can't be helped. The best way to get rid of minor scratches is with a polish cloth. Polish cloths can usually be purchased at a local jewelry store, or some department stores, and a
:iconsilverslinger:SilverSlinger 14 10
Beat It Cover, Cover Art :iconblackgryph0n:BlackGryph0n 841 186 Spike Firemane :icontygerbug:tygerbug 14 3 Nightmare Nights Auction Wood Carving :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 375 11
Copic Markers and Pony colors
I get a LOT of questions regarding what colors I use where when it comes to the ponies, and I keep saying I'm gonna make a little guide. Well, let's give it a shot.
For the majority of my covers, I use Copic markers to color. Copics are light-fast, alcohol markers... not unlike a classic school marker, but higher quality. I prefer Copic over other brands primarily for a few reasons: Variable tips (markers, fine, brush, etc), better blending, and they can be refilled! This is the BIG selling point to me... this means you can buy the marker once, and continue to refill. It also means you can custom blend colors should you desire. Copics also guarantee that if you buy Y00 yellow, and then buy another down the line, the colors will match. I've bought the same marker color from other brands and had them not match. I will use other brands here and there for very specific colors or effects, but Copic is 99% of my marker work.
So... when I do a cover or whatever, I do basic ink lines first wit
:iconandypriceart:andypriceart 250 109
Trixie :iconsnipernero:SniperNero 150 17 Double Helix and Fennecus nose boops :icononnanoko:onnanoko 27 7



Sonata Dusk
Sonata is for Maryke Hendrike and I will sending this to Everfree NW where she will be at this year with Kazumi Evans and Diana Kaarina (Adagio and Aria respectively)
Flash Sentry
Flash Sentry is for Vincent Tong who voiced him in all four Equestria Girls movies, plus he is a cool guy!
Aria Blaze
Aria is for Diana Kaarina who voiced her in Rainbow Rocks!
Judy Hopps
I carved Judy Hopps for AC Racebest since he loves Zootopia and it was one thing a Zootopia Collector can't get so he has the only one!
Angel Wings
Another in the MLP:FiM series. Angel Wings is for her voice actress Alexis Heule! She received at Ponyville Ciderfest 2016.
I know I haven't posted any new carvings since August that's because I am officially retired from carving ponies. I just haven't found the time or money to carve other things since materials are expensive and I had a sewage pipe burst in my work area so it literally smells like crap! I figure it's a sign telling me rest you did enough! So I am focusing on other things at the moment and I might pick up my tools again if people are interested in purchasing things from me because I am flat out broke and can't keep doing freebies anymore! I might do GoT sigils, Pokémon, animals and other things I haven't made my mind up on yet!


SpikeFiremane's Profile Picture
Ed Goodwin IV aka Firemane in the US Brony Community!
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
I am a woodcarver! I have been carving charactures for about 5 years now and I find it very theraputic and on some occasions painful when I get cut! My profile picture is done by the wonderful Sn0wlight! She is amazing!!!
For woodcarving commissions submit it to
My work got mentioned on Equestria Daily!… #1 & 4… #37-44… 31-33
If you see your original artwork send a POLITE email to with link source so I can give credit where credit is due. My original computer with the source had died so I need help tracking this down!


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